Fly Fishing Whistler

Fly Fishing Tours In Pemberton & Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

Fly Fishing in BC
Fly Fishing in BC

Fly Fishing is easy enough for the inexperienced, yet challenging enough for the seasoned veteran. In fact, presently, boys and girls, men and women of all ages are joining the ranks of fly fishing. No matter what your skill level is, fly fishing in British Columbia, Canada can be highly rewarding.

Fly fishing has become one of the fastest growing sports In the World. The reasons for its popularity are obvious. Fly fishing is relaxing, entertaining, rewarding, and often takes place in some of the most beautiful surroundings. So, if you’ve never been fly fishing before, a great way to learn is to hire a Guide.  Our Guides can Give you Fly Fishing lessons and techniques while you catch fish.

If You ask the Question: Where is the Best Fly Fishing in British Columbia, Canada?
Look No Further!

No matter what time of year, there is Great fly fishing opportunities in Whistler, BC

Fly Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton is Fantastic because they have some of the most scenic surroundings, Quality streams and in my opinion “The Best fishing in the World”. Not many places in the World have Salmon Runs like we do, at certain times of the Year the rivers are so full of Salmon it’s as if you can’t see water for Salmon. With large hatches that happen all day long, it makes taking Rainbow Trout off the surface seem almost like work.

Fly Fishing Whistler

Pemberton Fish Finder will take you to that favorite fly fishing spot.

In the summer months you can expect to catch Salmon, Rainbow trout, Bull trout, Dolly Varden, Whitefish and Kokanne.  Winter months there are Steelhead, Rainbow trout, coastal cutthroat, and Chinook salmon.  Most of our fly fishing is done in Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish, BC Canada.  With great lakes and streams varying in size, you are bound to find one that fits your needs.  Tight Lines.  Every odd year we get an amazing Pink Salmon run.  Fly fishing for Pink Salmon is compared to fishing in a barrel.  There are so many Salmon to catch while fly fishing that you catch nearly every cast, no matter your fly fishing experience.  We have had clients that have never fly fished before that land 20 Salmon a day.  Make sure you do a few bicep and tricep stretches the night before.  Be ready for an amazing day of fly fishing in Whistler, BC Canada.  We look forward to fly fishing with you,

Pemberton Fish Finder.

Each Whistler Guided Fly Fishing Tour includes:

  • Fishing gear, flies and lures
  • Fly fishing instruction from professional guide
  • Some of the Best Fly Fishing and Scenery in British Columbia, Canada
  • Guides all have Out-Going Personalities

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