Best Fishing Time

Best Times of the Year To Fish in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton BC Canada.

best fishing times in bc
best fishing times in bc

Pemberton and Whistler Have some of British Columbia’s best year round Freshwater Fishing.

Best fishing times in BC.  No matter what time of Year it is, there are Fantastic Opportunities of catching Quality fish in British Columbia, Canada. Between Pemberton and Whistler, BC there are at least 15 different fish species. The Following is the best times of the year to catch that certain species of fish that you would like to target.  Our guides are a wealth of Knowledge when it comes to fishing!  Visit our fishing reports page or Instagram to see what our clients are catching right now.

Best Fishing Times in BC

Fishing, December – March

You can enjoy Steelhead and Ice fishing. Ice typically forms by the end of November on the lakes at higher elevations.  Ice fishing is truly a Unique fishing Experience.  Steelhead are best fished December through May. Steelhead in the streams that the Pemberton Fish Finder fishes can reach upwards of 30 Lbs, with an average of the mid teens.  We still offer fly fishing trips on the Rivers south of Pemberton, weather is typically warmer the further south you go.

Fishing in March – May

The larger lakes have incredible Bull Trout fishing. The smaller lakes are now Ice free and the Rainbow trout feed heavily after a long Winter. All of the streams are full of Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and Char. The Salmon Fry begin to emerge from the spawning grounds and become to fall victim to the harsh reality of life “big fish eats small fish”. Minnow patterns are very effective in catching Trout in the Streams and Rivers this time of year.  This is Prime Time for Steelhead FishingChinook Salmon are starting to make a presence.

Chinook Salmon Fly Fishing trips in BC
Chinook Salmon Fly Fishing trips in BC

Fishing in June – August

Chinook Salmon are in full swing, Lakes are starting to warm up and the Trophy Rainbow Trout and Kokanee start to group up and feed. The Sturgeon Fishing is very good. Creek Mouths that feed the Larger Lakes can hold a ton of Fish with all of the Spring Run Off. Spring run off brings tons of feed to the lakes and the fish sit there with their mouths wide open!

Fishing in August – October

Sockeye Salmon start to show up and the River fishing is at its best for Trout. It is not uncommon to see 30 – 40 fish days, fishing the local Streams and Rivers. Lakes have very good Kokanee fishing this time of year and the smaller alpine lakes are clear of Ice, making the fish very active feeders on Nymphs and Dry Flies. Heli Fishing is best done between August and October. The Big Bull Trout are in Spawn mode between the last week of July to mid September. Sturgeon fishing is at its best this time of year.  Coho Salmon Start showing up in early September. There are usually opportunities for retention of hatchery Coho Salmon is Squamish, starting September 15th. Nothing better than fresh Coho Salmon for dinner.

Coho Salmon fishing in Squamish BC Canada
Coho Salmon fishing in Squamish BC Canada

Fishing in October – November

Coho Salmon and Chum Salmon fishing is very good, Coho can weigh as much as 25 Lbs in Pemberton and Chum Salmon can weigh as much as 30 LBS in Squamish, BC.  The fly fishing for Salmon is as good as it gets this time of year in British Columbia.  Make sure you do a few arm stretches before fishing because these fish can pull.  Trout in the smaller lakes at higher elevations feed very aggressively in anticipation of Winter and the Freeze. Lakes begin to freeze over toward the end of November while Rivers and streams are at there lowest levels from November through March. This makes for fun Spot and Stalk fishing!

Best Fishing Times in BC.
Current fishing reports and what is happening right now in our local lakes in Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish, Gold Bridge and Lillooet British Columbia Canada visit our fishing reports. Best fishing times in BC.