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Fishing Guides working for the Pemberton Fish Finder take pride in being some of the Best Fishing Guides in British Columbia, Canada.


Our Guides are all outgoing and have an Incredible Fishing Knowledge of Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Squamish and Gold Bridge. With a combined knowledge of over 100 years fishing the local lakes and streams you can be assured that your Fishing tour will be Safe, Educational, Fun and Rewarding.

Enjoy the following Bios of our Guides and if you have any questions please contact us.

Huge Rainbow Trout

Brad Knowles
The man to see if you want to catch fish!
Brad was born and raised in Pemberton, British Columbia Canada. As a young boy, the small town of Pemberton didn’t offer the youth many things other than great fishing. So every waking moment Brad would be seen fishing the local rivers and lakes on a daily basis. In 1976 his father opened Spud Valley Sporting Goods Ltd, and how fitting he had his two boys running the shop who were both very avid in hunting, camping and most of all … fishing. Everyday people from all over the world come in and get the local scoop, buy their gear and be off to catch fish.

Later on Brad’s local knowledge and ability to help people catch fish would come in handy. Soon he ventured away from the family business to work as a angling guide for 5 years. In those 5 years he stared in his own fishing show called ELITE FISHING which was seen by 100,000 people a week on Whistler Cable. Brad has made a name for himself as the man to see if you want to catch fish. Now back working at Spud Valley Sporting Goods Ltd, “The Family Business”, Brad loves working with his brother Sheridan and father Ivan. Also he has been a member of the fisheries committee for Pemberton Wildlife Association – they help make local decisions on local fisheries. Brad’s ability to catch fish makes him one of the Best Guides in Canada. He has a passion for fishing and seeing other people catch fish!

Mark Barlow

Mark Barlow
A bad day fishing is better than any day on the construction site!
Mark was born and raised on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, right below the Slopes of Cypress Mountain. He got to know the back country throughout his childhood on family trips. In those days the roads were beat up and hard to access, but that’s what made the fishing so great. Early in the 70’s, Marks family built a cabin on Gates Lake and this is where it all began for him. With his father’s old pickup truck, Mark was set free on the local lakes and streams. Now he has 40 years of fishing experience in local waters. Guiding is a natural thing for Mark because his motto is a bad day fishing is better than any day on the construction site!

Ben Davies

Ben Davies
Lets tie up something new and go to the Birk!
Ben Davies was born and raised in Pemberton BC. With the abundance of fish holding lakes and rivers in Pemberton and surrounding areas, it was no coincidence that he would be “hooked” for life on the sport with a passion. Ben was a professional snowboarder and coach for over 10 years and enjoyed teaching people the sport, this has made an easy transition for him to guide people that share his other passion, fishing. Ben can usually be found on his favorite river, The Birkenhead (the Birk), trying out new flies he’s tied and always trying to catch the most colorful rainbow trout the river has to offer while fly fishing. Besides Pemberton, Kamloops and other BC areas, Ben has traveled to England, Austria, France and Wales to wet a line. Give us a call and get Ben to take you out on the river!

Sheridan Knowles

Sheridan Knowles
No fish is safe when Sheridan is around!
Sheridan was born and raised in Pemberton, British Columbia Canada. At a young age he had a love for the outdoors, and fishing came natural to him. He had great mentors to follow – father Ivan and his brother Brad – both who passed along the family secrets of the local lakes and streams. Sheridan refined these secrets and has become one of the greatest fisherman in Pemberton and the surrounding areas. With all of his spare time he loves hiking into small remote lakes and streams in chase of the elusive “BIG ONE”. Not to say that he hasn’t caught it yet, but there is always one bigger. Recently Sheridan has purchased a beautiful boat and has equipped it with the latest in technology. No fish is safe when Sheridan is around!


Myles Gottschalk
Has spent countless days walking banks, casting and trolling from his boat.
Myles Gottschalk was born in North Vancouver, BC Canada. At the age of 6 his family moved to Pemberton. Myles’ family built a cabin on Lillooet Lake and this is where Myles spent most of his time. The Lillooet River system is no stranger to Myles, he has spent countless days walking its banks, casting and trolling from his boat. The Lillooet watershed is very unique, it has a multitude of fish species to be had. In the winter and spring it holds Steelhead, Coastal Cutthroat, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout, Whitefish and Bull Trout. During the summer and fall months it gets the most productive salmon runs that Western Canada has to offer. The Salmon run brings along plenty of trout which makes it even more exciting, no one knows this better than Myles. Hopefully he’s not too busy and you can be fortunate enough to go along!

Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones
When Kyle’s not fishing, he’s enjoying the outdoors!
Kyle Jones grew up in Central New Brunswick Canada raised fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the World famous Miramichi River. Experienced with the fight of big mouth bass, the big fight of a muskie and great brook trout fishing to boot. Gaining most knowledge from his father. Kyle now lives in the coast Mountain range of BC presently in Whistler. Kyle has had the chance to hone his skills locally with the Pacific Salmon and the beautiful Rainbow Trout in the past eight years. Kyle also is a snow maker for Whistler Blackcomb and Jump Master at Whistler Bungee. Kyles has a passion for Skiing, Fly Fishing and enjoying the Great Outdoors!

Scott Leboldus

Scott Leboldus
Love the Tug!
Scott is a professional fly tying guru.  He hosts a popular online website called Friday Night Flies.  On Friday Night Flies he shares local Fly Tying recipes to help the general public catch more fish while fly fishing.  Check him out on Friday Night Flies. Scott grew up in Ontario spending his summers with his Opa and Uncle John trolling for giant Lake Trout and popping for Large and Small Mouth Bass. He fondly remembers thumbing through the Le Baron and Cabela’s catalogues with his late uncle by the camp fires. His fishing passion was founded at the early age of 3 but turned into an addiction in 2001 when he first saw a fly fisherman on a local lake in Whistler. Scott invested himself into fly fishing, learning the local lakes and rivers also becoming an accomplished fly tier. He always shows up to tours with patterns tied specifically for the bodies of water you’re on. Finding wild BC trout on the Birkenhead River has become an obsession for Scott but he can also be found traveling throughout BC finding new lakes to fish from his pontoon. Scott has left his carrier as a Chef in the Whistler area to share his passion for the sport and the outdoors with visitors and locals alike. “Love the Tug”



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