July Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton BC Canada

July Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton BC Canada.  July is a Great month for fishing.  The Rivers and Streams in the area start to lose there volume from the freshet.  Salmon are now in the Rivers and will continue to be through December.  Trout fishing in the streams and Rivers is very good, lots of hatches for you Fly fishers.  The Larger lakes in the area have started to warm up making the fish more active feeders.  Anderson Lake is hovering around 70°f, this turns the Kokanee fishing on.  The Rainbow Trout are now done their spawning in the creeks that feed Anderson Lake.  The Bull Trout are now starting to make their ways into the creeks to spawn.  Showh Lakes in Whistler has been fishing extremely well, definitely worth the note.  The lake has had some regulation changes since last year that are worth checking.  Lost lake is a popular lake for swimming.  If you get there early in the morning to beat the traffic the fishing can be great off of the many docks.  You can expect to catch Rainbow Trout ranging from 10″ – 16″ and weighing as much as 2 Lbs.  Alta Lake is known for its incredible Cutthroat Trout fishing.  The Cutthroat in this lake can reach a staggering 5 Lbs.  The best fishing I have found on this lake is near the weed beds.  There is a healthy population of stickleback, this is what the Cutthroat feed on aggressively.  The use of large brown wooly buggers imitate them well and should pay off for you.  Mosquito Lake and Ivey Lake are located only a couple kilometers apart in Pemberton.  Both lakes contain Rainbow Trout that can weigh as much as 6 Lbs.  They are very popular lakes for Fly Fishing and are small in size making them great float tube lakes.  The use of Dragonfly Nymphs will definitely put you on fish.  Birkenhead River is one of the best rivers in BC for fly fishing and Spin fishing.  The Birkenhead River is located just North of Pemberton.  The river has good shore access and a decent network of trails.  The further away from the road you get the better the fishing gets.  The use of minnow patterns and streamers this time of year will pay off.  There is a ton of Salmon fry in the river right now and most of the Trout key in on them as a food source.

July Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton BC Canada

Below are a few pictures of July Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton BC Canada.  Most of the pictures have been taken from Anderson Lake.  The Pemberton Fish Finder offers Guided Fishing tours in Pemberton and Whistler BC Canada.  Visit our website for more information and Rates.  For those of you that would like to tackle it on your own, stop by Spud Valley Sporting Goods Ltd. at 1380 Birch Street in Downtown Pemberton, BC.   They are well equipped in all of your fishing needs and can help with lure selection and maps of the area.

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July Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton BC Canada

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July Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton BC Canada.

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