Fishing Anderson Lake British Columbia Canada

Fishing Anderson Lake British Columbia Canada.  Anderson lake is fishing as well as I have ever seen.  Sockeye Salmon are now entering the lake in large numbers.  Sockeye Salmon make there way up the Mighty Fraser River to Lillooet, BC.  Make a left at Seton river continue through Seton lake and Stage in Anderson Lake.  Sockeye Salmon continually run through Anderson Lake for roughly 1 month until they have all spawned in Gates Creek.  Gates creek has both natural spawning habitat and a spawning channel.  The Spawning channel is something to see in about 2 weeks.  The Salmon bring a ton of Trout along with them on there travels.  The Trout follow the Salmon in anticipation of the Spawn.  When the Sockeye Salmon spawn they leave behind tasty treats for the Trout to eat in the form of Salmon eggs.  In between eating eggs they like to venture out into the lake and eat the hooks I either troll behind my boat or cast from shore.

Fishing Anderson Lake British Columbia Canada

The Rainbow Trout fishing is best this time of year in Anderson Lake.  Rainbows can be fooled very easily with either egg patterns and or large spoons.  Egg patterns work best in Gates creek or at the mouth of Gates creek, where it flows into Anderson Lake.  For people that like Fly Fishing, this is some of the best fly fishing in British Columbia. The chances of you catching large Rainbow Trout 24″+ is very Good.  There are also very large Bull Trout in the river at this time of year.  I have caught them in the river on the fly over 10lbs regularly.

It is a very short window to get some of British Columbia’s best Fly fishing.  We only have a month to fit everyone in.  So don’t waste time book your fishing tour today!  Give us a call toll free 1-877-905-8121 or email We look forward to fishing with You, Visit the Pemberton Fish Finder for more information about Fishing in Whistler and Pemberton, BC.

Below are a couple pictures of Rainbow Trout and a Sockeye Salmon caught recently on Anderson Lake while trolling.  Trolling is a very rewarding way of Fishing.  It is an easy way to get families with children into quality fish.  High Fives all around the Boat!  I have also attached a video of the Spawning channel on Gates Creek.  Pretty cool place to visit if you are in the Pemberton/Whistler area.  Stop by Spud Valley Sporting Goods ltd. at 1380 birch street in downtown Pemberton for maps of the area and more local information about Fishing Anderson Lake British Columbia Canada.

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Canada

Fishing Anderson Lake British Columbia Canada

Anderson Lake Rainbow Trout



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