Coho Fishing Lower Lillooet River Fishing Report

Coho Fishing Lower Lillooet River Fishing Report

Coho Fishing Lower Lillooet River Fishing Report.  When referring to the Lower Lillooet River.  We are talking about the River section of water between Lillooet lake and Harrison Lake.  Fishing in the Lower Lillooet River this time of year can be very rewarding especially with the help of the Pemberton Fish Finder.  Even after the amount of rain we have had over the past week the river did not rise much.  It did although take on some color making it a bit more difficult to catch fish.  However, a couple of sunny days will change this.  With the water as muddy as it was we were still able to get into 2 Northern Coho Salmon.  The mandatory use of single barbless hooks gave the 2 Coho that I had hooked the upper hand.  Needless to say I did not get any pictures because it is very difficult to operate a camera and juggle a rod at the same time.  There were plenty of Coho Salmon Jumping and making themselves visible.  This alone would keep any fisher person fishing in anticipation of catching one of these beasts.  We spent most of our time fishing the section of the river known as the Narrows.  The Narrows is located near the 23km mark on the Lillooet lake forest service road.  Every Salmon heading into the Rivers in Pemberton have to funnel through this area.  This makes the Narrows a Hot spot.  Although we did not land any Coho Salmon but,  we did manage to land roughly 30 Trout.  A mixture between Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout.

Fly Fishing the Lower Lillooet River

While Fly Fishing the Lower Lillooet River use large colorful patterns.  We found that hot pink and hot orange were the key.  A few patterns we were using: Autumn Storm, Pink egg sucking leeches, Pink Intruder, Bad Sea Habit orange, Cone-head Popsicle and Cone-head Candy Cane.  You will find that these patterns will also work very well for Trout.  We were fishing these patterns on 2 handed fly rods.  Be prepared for a long day with a single hand fly rod.  The water is big, the flies are big and weighted.  If you are in the market for a new 2 handed Fly rod we sell Ross Reach Spey Rods.  They start around $350.  I run one and love it!  Come on by and put one in your hands at Spud Valley Sporting Goods ltd. 1380 Birch Street in Beautiful Pemberton, BC.

Spin Fishing the Lower Lillooet River for Coho Salmon

Spin fishing for Coho at the lower lillooet River at points almost seems a bit easy.  Clanking big Spoons such as; Coho spoons size 55, Crocodile 3/4oz, Kit-a-mat 55 and one of my favorites the #5 Fraser Spinner.  The #5 Fraser spinner is only available at Spud Valley Sporting Goods ltd.  A Deadly Spinner that is Fish Finder approved.  Colors of spoons that have been working best are similar to the flies we were using “Orange + Pink.”  When chucking big spoons at the narrows make sure you are hitting the bottom periodically.  If you are not hitting the bottom, forget about catching fish.  Bring lots of gear because you are bound to lose some if you are fishing them properly.   Stop by Spud to stock up.  We have spoons at discounted prices that don’t dint the wallet so bad and will keep you fishing longer.  Our staff will break down a map and show you a few great spots to fish while you are here.

Below are a few pictures of Trout caught while fishing the Lower Lillooet River October 1st, 2013.  I was fishing along side someone that was spin fishing, this is why there are no fly fishing pictures.  I wish I was better at Juggling fly rods and cameras because we would of had a couple photos of Northern Coho Salmon and a few beauty Bull trout.  All my patterns this day were hand tied by Scotty LeBoldus of Friday Night Flies.  Friday Night Flies – Tying your recipe for the Weekend!  Live fly tying seminars each and every Friday Night at 5pm PST.  Check them out

Coho Fishing Lower Lillooet River Fishing Report.

Catch and Release Fishing

Fishing Lillooet River

Coho Fishing Lower Lillooet River Fishing Report

Lower Lillooet River fishing

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