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Heli Fishing British Columbia, Canada for Virgin Rainbow Trout

Heli Fishing tours fly out of Whister & Pemberton, BC. Starting June through Late October.

Whistler and Pemberton, BC have some of the most scenic and special alpine lakes in the World. What makes these Lakes so special is that they are all Glacial fed, Very Remote and they all contain Virgin Rainbow Trout. You ask "what are Virgin Rainbow Trout?" The answer is Simple. Virgin Rainbow Trout are Trout that have never been caught before, this is made possible by the remoteness of these lakes. The Alpine Lakes Surrounding Whistler & Pemberton, BC see little to No Fishing Pressure at All, making these fish very eager to strike at any fly or lure you pass their way. Sounds like fun, well it gets better! Now I'm going to tell you that the Rainbow Trout in some of these Alpine Lake can grow in excess of 5 Lbs and can be as long as your arm.

Heli Fishing is a Great way to access alpine lake that you could not possibly carry all of your fishing gear to. Fishing gear that would include a flotation device "Belly Boat or Pontoon" along with your rods, Waders, fins, flies and a Gourmet Lunch that includes cold Beverages. Heli Fishing is still a relatively young sport and is enjoyed by Old and Young. The reason for this is that even a novice fisher person could and will catch fish at these Lakes. Even being a Fishing Guide I still find it difficult to sleep the night before due to being anxious of a Great day fishing on an Alpine lake with my clients. Make sure you bring along a camera with fresh batteries.

Heli Fishing is Affordable

The Myth that Helicopter fishing is a Rich Persons sport is far behind us. At the Pemberton Fish Finder we have made it as affordable for everyone as possible. Now even Families are able to enjoy British Columbia's Alpine lakes. Lets not forget about the Helicopter ride either, sit back and enjoy the views of snow tipped mountains and lush green valleys below. There is something to be said about stepping out of a Helicopter into a little bit of Paradise.

For more information and Rates on Heli Fishing please call Toll Free 1-(877)905-8121 or drop us an email at

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